COME AND SEE OUR NEW STORE FRONT STOCKING ALL YOUR FAVORITE MEATS including the Home Harvest and Farmers Market.....NOW OPEN!!!!! 


 Jones Meat and Foos Services is now hiring for a Store Manager, please click here to submit an online application.

Jones Meat and Food Services, Inc.'s goal is making customers happy. We at Jones Meat and Food Services, Inc. offer our customers custom butchering, cutting, wrapping and meat sales. We are a federally-inspected slaughter plant in Rigby, Idaho. You can aslo come into our store and buy a variety of meats including beef, pork, chicken, buffalo, fish, specialty sausages, lamb and preparted meats.  We also sell bundles and whole or half bbq pigs.

Store Front

For confidence and safety issues, we processes all the animals that we slaughter in the same plant. Unlike the larger slaughter facilities who handle hundreds of animals a day and receive large shipments from all over the country and even outside the US.  In these circumstances the slaughtering and processing operations are not usually handled in the same plant. Because of this, increased risk of contamination can occur before it reaches the store to be purchased by the consumer.

Contact us for your next purchase of meats or slaughtering needs if you want the assurance of safety and satisfaction. Again, if you have any questions on our meats, cuts, the slaughtering process, or even where they come from (if the meats not yours) please give us a call at 208-745-6523 or visit our Contact Us page, we will be glad to explain everything to your satisfaction and also walk you through your order.